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AwaManager Platform is a time-saver, allows you to manage websites and takes the stress out of managing website content writers.

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List your websites quickly

Track your competitors' keywords, and save them. Your written content can be published in WordPress pages or posts in under a second.

  • Manage Websites
  • Manage Keywords
  • Manage Articles
  • AI Content Writer(Rewriting tool)
  • Manage Content Authors

Websites management platform that's easy and free

A website management platform that is easy to use and completely free

Save Keyword Anytime

With AwaManager's platform, you can save keywords whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You can keep track of your keywords to avoid repition.

Best Content Archive

You can know when an article has been published so that you can manage your content flow.

Manage your content

All your website content can be managed in one place. There is no need to set up multiple accounts for WordPress users. Sign up for an AwaManager platform account to manage your entire websites content from one location.

AI Content Writer

You can quickly create a complete, original article from one quality article. Every rewrite that you make will not be duplicated and your original article will still be valuable.

Website Marketing Strategy That Works

A well-designed website is not enough to attract clients. It is essential to market well and remains consistent in order to attract more clients. We will enlight you with a marketing Strategy that will help you win some clients over and over

Do not work alone, invest in a marketing team, train them, and put them on payroll. Your team will have a day-to-day task to deliver

  • Help in keyword research.
  • Help you in Content writing.
  • Content Optimization.
  • You need a support agent.
  • Also, get yourself a reliable technical expert for web maintenance and new feature updates.
  • With AwaManager Platform you can build your team easily.

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How Works.

Track your competitors' keywords, and save them. Your written content can be published in WordPress pages or posts in under a second.

  • List your websites by adding a website domain name.
  • Add keywords based on the specific website you would like to rank at.
  • Write an article based on keywords listed, the article is linked to the website keyword was added too.
  • You can copy content from other online websites and use AwaManager Rewriting Tool to get your Original copy of the content.
  • Once you have reviewed the article and it meets all your standards to be online, you can publish it directly to your WordPress website from the AwaManager platform.
  • You have the option to edit, publish and update an article that is already online via the AwaManager Platform.
  • You can have a user account with an author role to write an article for you using keywords you have listed.